A box set is born

Today, Michael is assembling his three-record LENƵI box set, which we will release in the next few weeks.

This isn’t the first Sweet Pea release that we’ve hand assembled with screen-printed pieces from Steve Walters. Back in 1994, the band and friends of the label assembled Number One Cup’s Indie Soft-core Denial 7-inch single (containing “Divebomb”) in Jane Hirt’s living room at 1515 W. Hollywood Ave. in Chicago.

Number One Cup         Number One Cup Divebomb

It was quite the process. First we had to fold and glue the die-cut cardboard covers. Around those, we folded and glued a black screen-printed label that carried the record’s information. Into that, we inserted the 7-inch, whose label had four images (like the shoe above). The record was rotated so one of the images showed up in the little window.

It was summer, it was hot, we were all a lot younger and thinner. This is what I remember. That and the prodigious amounts of rubber cement that was used.

Seth Kim-Cohen (from left), MIchael Lenzi and Patrick O’Connell assemble their second 7-inch, Indie Soft-core Denial, at the Sweet Pea Records apartment in Chicago in 1994.
Jane Hirt shows a finished product.
Friend Curt Wagner joins in.


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