Number One Cup “Connecticut” – SP002

Band: Number One Cup

Format: 7-inch vinyl, ©1994

Genre: Indie rock

Special feature: Screen printed by hand by Steve W. at Screwball Press. Red fish are printed on the plastic sleeve, so they appear to swim as plastic moves.

Sorry, sold out.

Side a: “Connecticut”

Side b: “Bat Masterson” and “Relationship”

Band members: Michael Lenzi (drums), Seth Cohen (guitar/singer),  Pat O’Connell (guitar), John Przyborowski (bass)

Liner notes:  Songs by Number One Cup, recorded by John McEntire, mixed by Brad Wood at Idful, Chicago.

Thanks for buying our record. Number One Cup was (at the time of this recording): Michael Lenzi on the drumming, Pat O’Connell on a guitar (one of), Seth Cohen on guitar also and singing. Our friend John Przyborowski played bass on it, though we now have a great, new bass player: Jenni Snyder.

There’s a man spraying chemicals on dandelions outside my window now.

Have a listen:

1. 82 seconds of “Connecticut

2. 89 seconds of “Bat Masterson Relationship

Front and back covers

Number One CupNumber One Cup

Number One Cup
From left: John Przyborowski, Seth Cohen, Michael Lenzi, Pat O’Connell

Sweet Pea Records catalog

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