A Chicago indie-rock label

Sweet Pea Records

Born: 1993

Sweet Pea Records’ galaxy of bands:  Tough Solar, Number One Cup, LENZIBender, Gold Medal, The Velmas, Tart, The Pulsars, Hooker, Pink Kross and Scary Monsters.  In the family: Nil/Resplendent, The Fire Show, Eleventh Hour.


Nil/Resplendent “Lesser Free Trade”

Lesser Free Trade
Buy it or listen at bandcamp.com @Nil/Resplendent
See what else Michael is up to these days.

Contact Sweet Pea Records

You can reach Jane at janejhirt@gmail.com and Michael at m.lenzi@att.net. On Facebook and Instagram @SweetPeaRecords.


Sweet Pea Records catalog

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